вторник, октября 24, 2006

Weekend adventure-2

Again :) We leave Phoenix on Friday and came back only Morning night. That was amazing, my brain slightly confused - to much impressions :) So we've rented a very good car - Nissan Maxima, and first went to Las Vegas, our very smart GPS system with very tender voice lead us to the goal by a very strange path, but thanks God at 3 a.m. we were there. What can I say :) our casinos are much better - they are calm and cosy, casinos in Vegas are huge and crowded. Two blocks from the main street - and you see dirt, junkees, and other stuff like that. After quick review of that monuments and one hour sleep at the parking, we continued our trip to San Diego. I like San Diego, it's very green, beautiful city. And there is OCEAN!!! I and Alex were surfing there for about 2 hours. And we found there our Russian attack submarine - now it's a museum!

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Yuri Norkin комментирует...

Влад, ты бы по русски писал, или и по английски и по русски, а то my english very bad :)

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пиши по русски