вторник, октября 31, 2006

Book announcement

Hi all!

Finally you can order yet another great book by Jonathan Lewis - Cost-based Oracle Fundamentals!!! Hurry up!

If you want to understand how Oracle’s Cost Based Optimizer works, you will want to read this book. To get you started, there is a pdf of Chapter 5 (Clustering Factor) that you can download from Apress.

And here is link to the Lewis's blog with some description of this book:

вторник, октября 24, 2006

Weekend adventure-2

Again :) We leave Phoenix on Friday and came back only Morning night. That was amazing, my brain slightly confused - to much impressions :) So we've rented a very good car - Nissan Maxima, and first went to Las Vegas, our very smart GPS system with very tender voice lead us to the goal by a very strange path, but thanks God at 3 a.m. we were there. What can I say :) our casinos are much better - they are calm and cosy, casinos in Vegas are huge and crowded. Two blocks from the main street - and you see dirt, junkees, and other stuff like that. After quick review of that monuments and one hour sleep at the parking, we continued our trip to San Diego. I like San Diego, it's very green, beautiful city. And there is OCEAN!!! I and Alex were surfing there for about 2 hours. And we found there our Russian attack submarine - now it's a museum!

вторник, октября 10, 2006

Weekend adventure

Last weekend was full of adventures. First was the Grand Canyon- one of the nature wonders. It's amazing, unbelieveable!!! Such huge hole in earth!

And next trip was city Sedona - very beautiful red mountains! I tried to dig out small cactus and now I'm full of cactus spikes! It hurts :)

пятница, октября 06, 2006

For all office workers :)

My cubicle

среда, октября 04, 2006

Just some pics from the Altai Mountains

Try to find me :)

Strange games :)

Yesterday we were playing tennis football with Vasil - DBA from Arizona Republic. It's quite strange - tennis court, tennis rules, but instead of tennis balls - ball from soccer :)
Here we are, tired but happy :)

Mountains, my lovely mountains

Yet my another hobby is mountains hiking & climbing. So far I was conquering a peaks at the Altai mountains, now it is time for mountains around Phoenix!
Last Saturday Alex took us to hiking. Thank you, Alex! This was great!

Siberia - the perfect place (c) paraphrase from one song of Army of Lovers

For those of you who don't belive that we have snow, frost & polar bears :)
This was at January, 2005, about -40 celsius, I with my friends from Barnaul, Western Siberia, river Ob.