воскресенье, июля 26, 2009

The blog has moved

Hi All!

My blog has moved to http://scherbinin.blog.ru

Happy reading!

понедельник, августа 27, 2007

Long-awaited photos (Prague, New Year 2007)

I was just reminded about photos I promised ...

среда, января 24, 2007

The Enemy's lair in the heart of Prague

I've spent the NY holidays in the ancient european city - in Prague. That was really awesome, more pix about this trip are coming soon, but meanwhile - breaking news! I've found the enemy's lair in the heart of Prague, near the central square - Vaclav's square!

среда, ноября 15, 2006

Kruchev / Kennedy meeting (photo from the secret KGB archives)

"I'll show you Kuzkin's mother!" (c) mr. Kruchev

вторник, ноября 14, 2006

I can prove that Russians landed on the Moon!!!

Not so sure about Americans...

среда, ноября 08, 2006

Making business more intelligent

It looks as I'll rest only in heavens :) I've got in translation yet another book. This time it is Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 by Brian Larson. It is exciting both from specialist's, as well as translator's standpoint. Translating american authors is something spectacular, I'm wondering what are they doing with English language :)
I'll keep you informed...


вторник, октября 31, 2006

Book announcement

Hi all!

Finally you can order yet another great book by Jonathan Lewis - Cost-based Oracle Fundamentals!!! Hurry up!

If you want to understand how Oracle’s Cost Based Optimizer works, you will want to read this book. To get you started, there is a pdf of Chapter 5 (Clustering Factor) that you can download from Apress.

And here is link to the Lewis's blog with some description of this book:

вторник, октября 24, 2006

Weekend adventure-2

Again :) We leave Phoenix on Friday and came back only Morning night. That was amazing, my brain slightly confused - to much impressions :) So we've rented a very good car - Nissan Maxima, and first went to Las Vegas, our very smart GPS system with very tender voice lead us to the goal by a very strange path, but thanks God at 3 a.m. we were there. What can I say :) our casinos are much better - they are calm and cosy, casinos in Vegas are huge and crowded. Two blocks from the main street - and you see dirt, junkees, and other stuff like that. After quick review of that monuments and one hour sleep at the parking, we continued our trip to San Diego. I like San Diego, it's very green, beautiful city. And there is OCEAN!!! I and Alex were surfing there for about 2 hours. And we found there our Russian attack submarine - now it's a museum!

вторник, октября 10, 2006

Weekend adventure

Last weekend was full of adventures. First was the Grand Canyon- one of the nature wonders. It's amazing, unbelieveable!!! Such huge hole in earth!

And next trip was city Sedona - very beautiful red mountains! I tried to dig out small cactus and now I'm full of cactus spikes! It hurts :)

пятница, октября 06, 2006

For all office workers :)

My cubicle